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The Love Fix

Feb 12, 2021

Katrine Horn is a self-love activist and former professional people pleaser. Her online programs and coaching help others learn how to activate their own self-love and embrace their self worth and power within. In this week’s episode, Katrine joins us from France to talk about practical ways we can begin to call in self-love, how women in the United States may differ in approach to women in other countries, and how to navigate the balance between self-love and the need to succeed and achieve in a patriarchal society. Katrine also describes the difference between pleasing and seducing, and the yummy effects that come when you really dive in and do the self-love work!


What You’ll Hear In This Episode

  • Our own definition of self-love. 
  • Sometimes the first step in the journey is just finding out what is blocking you from self-love.
  • A Love Fix question from someone feeling insecure about their partner texting, even though they may not have a reason to.
  • How Katrine herself went from a total people pleaser to a self-love activist and successful coach.
  • How Katrine saw the toxicity of a relationship she was in when she saw how he treated her parents.
  • We activate the Law of Attraction when we really learn how to accept and take in compliments without batting them away.
  • If we turn our own people-pleasing tendencies around, we can experience a ton of pleasure which in turn actually helps the people around us as well.
  • The difference between pleasing and seducing.
  • There can be a very real battle of control for both women working and also women out of the job market who may not feel entitled to the family money.



  • “We teach other people how we want them to treat us.” — Katrine
  • “There’s always something you can compliment yourself on. It’s really just about us allowing us to let in what’s right.” — Katrine


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