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The Love Fix

Feb 19, 2021

We are so thrilled to welcome John Gray to The Love Fix this week, as we are sure many of you grew up and are very familiar with his work including his bestselling book, Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. John talks about how he has built upon his ideas in the most well-known and trusted relationship book of all time to reflect our current society and what has changed since he last wrote it. We also talk with John about not giving to get, how to balance the masculine and feminine both in ourselves and our relationships, and the real reason men love younger women.


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Sherry and Carla talk about each of their plans for their shared birthday, and how they both feel more optimistic and powerful than ever going into this year.
  • A Love Fix question about accepting where your partner is in their career, and recognizing that it takes a team to succeed.
  • The success behind John’s books including Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, Beyond Mars and Venus and how they impacted and helped millions of people.
  • How John thinks relationships have radically changed due to the shift in consciousness with women employing more masculine traits, and men having more estrogen and less testosterone.
  • How the independent and modern woman can still touch a man’s heart, even if she doesn’t need him financially or to provide in the ways she typically used to.
  • Symptoms of men being out of their masculine side. Grumpy, passive, over-emotional...sound familiar?!
  • John’s personal example of how he learned to provide support for his wife in an emotional way that then gave him the freedom to go off and be more masculine.
  • Some sex science about ejaculation that will blow you away!
  • How a woman can ask for what she needs without giving everything.
  • Giving to get is not loving, it’s manipulation.
  • Your intimacy should be dessert, and your work, friends, passions, and interests make up the main meal.
  • Giving a man more than he gives you is toxic to you AND toxic to him.
  • Why codependent women get turned on by the wrong men and continue to fall into the cycle of picking the wrong partners.
  • Radical acceptance and not being attached to being always right in our conversations is sexy!
  • Culture should nurture our nature.
  • John’s idea of men going into their “caves” has adapted to everyone needing time and space to be independent and self realized.




  • “That’s what causes a man to mature, is having a happy woman around him.” - John
  • “Don’t do what you feel like. Your feelings are often wrong!” - John
  • “Women are more independent, and men are more addicted.”  - John
  • “Marriage is great freedom...when you are having great sex.” - John


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