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The Love Fix

Dec 10, 2021

Sherry and Carla get real about the ups and downs of the holidays, and then welcome OBGYN and Media Personality, Dr. Drai. As a highly respected board-certified OBGYN, he is nationally recognized as the go-to expert on women’s health and transgender health issues. Dr. Drai talks about how he got into the field of women’s health, his pride in working with the trans community, and the best protection he recommends against STIs. He also talks with Sheri and Carla about the importance of pleasuring yourself, a few of his favorite toys, and what makes his Feel the Moment line so special and unique. Dr. Drai’s personality and energy are one of a kind, so get ready to both laugh and learn!


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Is Sherry really a Christmas scrooge?!
  • Why the holidays can feel extra stressful and difficult if you are also dealing with codependency issues.
  • A Love Fix Question on how to stay sane, especially over the holidays, when you have an addict in your family.
  • The mission behind Dr. Drai’s Sexual Wellness Company, Feel the Moment, is to make everyone feel accepted, educated, and confident about their pleasure and sex life.
  • What are STIs, and how are they different from STDs?
  • What are the patterns that Dr. Drai seems to notice from his client’s relationships that we can learn from?
  • What was the moment Dr. Drai knew he had to switch from a path of Cardiology to OBGYN?
  • How did Dr. Drai use his background in chemistry and working with all types of women, men, and non-binary clients to formulate products like lube and condoms?
  • Interested in seeing America’s favorite OBGYN? Ways to connect with Dr. Drai, along with ways to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency, dating, a break-up, healing from toxic relationships, and gaining confidence.
  • What should we know about fertility in our 30’s and 40’s, and what does Dr. Drai think about freezing your eggs?
  • What are some ways we can open up communication with our partners about what they like and what you like?
  • Why it’s important to pleasure yourself, no matter what age you are. Dr. Drai gives advice for women post-menopause to feel their best.



  • “This is what I’m supposed to do. I’m supposed to bring life into the world.” - Dr. Drai
  • “It’s important to invest in yourself because we have a part in all of it. It’s not just blaming your partner. It’s “how are you buying into the story?” because maybe you don't feel confident and you really are afraid about being alone and not finding anybody.” - Carla
  • “I definitely believe in getting rid of those negative energies, which means bad relationships, toxic relationships, with whoever it is. Get rid of them so you can have a prosperous life.” - Dr. Drai
  • “I don't believe in being a traditional doctor. I definitely believe in doing what you're supposed to do from a higher power.” - Dr. Drai
  • “It's all about communication, and you have to know who you are, right? To be comfortable with who you are, and be able to articulate what you want for yourself and your relationship.” - Dr. Drai
  • “I think as you get older, it can be a deeper, richer relationship because you're just so much more comfortable.”  - Sherry
  • “The more you know your body, the more you're able to tell your partner what makes you feel good.”
  • “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!” - Dr. Drai


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