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The Love Fix

Jan 14, 2022

Sherry and Carla kick off this week talking about their morning routine and the importance of getting a little exercise in, and then welcome in Personal Stylist and Dating Coach Alyssa Dineen, founder of Style My Profile. Alyssa shares her story of being new to the dating market at age 41 after a divorce, and how she saw a need for helping both men and women get their profiles maximized and ready to find long lasting matches. She combined her experience as a stylist for over 20 years, and now is helping online daters all around the world transform their destiny by intentional and mindful dating, and self-discovery. Alyssa also talks with Sherry and Carla about her new book, The Art of Online Dating, not discriminating your dating qualifications, why both photos and a great bio are important, and why Style My Profile may be great for you. 


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • A Love Fix question - my partner doesn’t accept that I’m a single mom and they are too enmeshed in their families beliefs. Should I let them go or keep fighting? 
  • How did Alyssa learn to navigate the online world of dating when she found herself single and in unchartered waters at 41?
  • What are the differences Alyssa sees in working with clients ages 40 and up vs. millennials and GenZ in terms of how they view online dating? 
  • Want to get your profile styled? Ways to reach Alyssa, along with how to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency, dating, a break-up, healing from toxic relationships, and gaining confidence.
  • Alyssa talks about creating and publishing her new book, The Art of Online Dating
  • Should you reach out to a ghoster? Furthermore, how can you let someone down with empathy and not be a ghoster yourself?  
  • How to be straightforward when you are being breadcrumbed. Learn from Sherry and stop the madness! 
  • All about the photos and bios: why it’s important, what you should put, and what you may want to leave out. 
  • What is mindful or intentional dating? 
  • It’s about being open and not pigeonholing yourself, and the ladies give some examples of love matches that happened only because people met IRL.



  •  “I don't think the age difference actually really matters. It sucks to be chatting with somebody and actually go on a date with somebody and then never hear from them again.” - Carla 
  • “Along the way here in the online dating world, it became acceptable in a way to just drop somebody.” - Alyssa 
  •  ‘If you're codependent, what you want to check off on your box might not also be healthy for you.” - Carla 
  • “I'm a real believer in doing a really great bio.” - Alyssa
  • “Whatever it is you want, I think you have to be really clear with yourself ahead of time.”  - Alyssa 
  • “You might end up falling in love with somebody that's not any of those things that you thought you needed, and it might totally work.” Alyssa 
  • “Sometimes we have to open up our horizons a little bit. I feel sorry for those guys that aren't tall. Come on my way!” - Sherry 


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