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The Love Fix

May 21, 2021

Sherry and Carla kick off this week’s episode talking about embracing their weird quirks, and then take a Love Fix question on how long getting over a breakup really takes. Then, they welcome Kelsey Grant, Love, Intimacy, and Relationship Educator. Kelsey writes, speaks and teaches men and women the art of accessing greater alignment with themselves, one another and the essence of true love. Through The Legendary Love Academy and her podcast the Pleasure Portal, Kelsey has a wealth of wisdom to share about mismatched libidos, trusting your gut, and little ways to begin to cultivate appreciation for yourself and your partner. 


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Sherry and Carla embrace their weird quirks, and know that our quirks tend to show up and bother us even more when we are stressed.  
  • What is the average time to get over someone? Is it bad if we are still hung up on our ex months, or even years later? 
  • Sherry and Carla’s advice on how to not only look back on your relationship with rose colored glasses. 
  • Be gentle with yourself and allow time to heal during a break up. 
  • Kelsey knew there was a need for more open conversations about sex based on her own interests and what she and her friends would always end up talking about. 
  • Kelsey’s tips on cultivating a culture of appreciation in your relationship. 
  • Desire is not all about physically wanting someone, it is a by-product of trust and openness. 
  • How our family system plays a role in the dynamic we tend to seek out with our partners. 
  • How we can begin to resentizie our body and get in touch with our intuition so we stop gaslighting ourselves and can see any potential red flags. 
  • What does it mean if your partner’s libido doesn’t seem to match yours, and what does Kelsey think may be missing if you find yourself with what feels like almost too much sexual energy? 
  • Resources to sign up for Kelsey’s Mutually Met Program, along with ways to work with  Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency and gaining confidence.
  • Advice on navigating your needs with your partner that are rooted in you feeling confident about what you want and deserve. 



  • “We always embellish the last relationship.” - Sherry 
  • “Loneliness makes us do crazy things.” - Sherry
  • “Most of the time we want to be good to each other, but we don’t often know how.” - Kelsey 
  • “At the end of the day, your gut is always on point.” - Carla
  •  “Creativity and sex energy, are literally the same thing.” - Kelsey 


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