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The Love Fix

May 14, 2021

Sherry opens the show with some probing news about an upcoming doctor’s visit, and then she and Carla bond over the annoying nature of living with IBS. Then, they answer A Love Fix question about getting out of a victim’s mentality before welcoming Yasmin Ezomor, spiritual mentor, shadow work specialist, and relationship coach. Yasmin shares her story of hitting rock bottom at 21 that turned her life around to focus her energy towards inner healing and expansion. Yasmin explains what shadow work is, how it can be beneficial, and who it may not be right for. She also stresses the importance of having support around you as you do shadow work and opens up about how she personally is leading with integrity in her work after experiencing some emotional upheaval.


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Sherry and Carla bond over their IBS and how awful it is, and we cheer Sherry on as she practices what she preaches about self-care in the form of a colonoscopy!
  • A Love Fix Question on how to stop living in a victim mentality.
  • Yasmin’s mission is to support others on their spiritual journey by helping them uncover their wounds so they can attract meaningful relationships and opportunities.
  • Yasmin talks about hitting her rock bottom at 21 and the spiritual awakening that led her down the path of inner healing and expansion.
  • Why we should look at dating as a social experiment, rather than going in with a ton of expectations that later lead to resentments.
  • What shadow work is and how we can use this amazing modality.
  • What happens when we start to repress the shadow parts of ourselves, and how that turns into trauma.
  • Surrendering to our feelings doesn’t mean just giving up, but going with the flow and accepting our current reality.
  • Journaling is a really big part of being able to break down the shadow and our inner wounds.
  • You have to be ready for shadow work, and there is no pressure to do it. If you don’t want to heal, that’s okay, but forcing yourself to do something is not going to be helpful. It’s important that you actually have the intention of WANTING to do it.
  • Sometimes the shifts and breakthroughs in shadow work can be huge and super quick, while other times it is a slow progress that we need to refresh every so often.
  • Ways to get more of Yasmin including her Humanity Feels podcast, along with resources from Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency and gaining confidence.
  • How having a coach can help you feel supported and seen during your shadow work.
  • What the shadow work outcomes may look like for someone who feels unlovable and goes from one toxic relationship to the next.




  • “It is not personal. You don’t know this person well enough for it to be personal.” - Carla
  • “You have to date as a whole person, not as a half person.” - Sherry
  • “The body keeps the score. If we are not conscious and self-aware, it catches up with us.” - Yasmin
  • “We think the mind leads the way, but really it’s the body.” - Yasmin
  • “Healing takes time. It’s not a one time fix.” - Yasmin


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