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The Love Fix

Jul 16, 2021

Sherry and Carla start the show talking about how good it feels to have in-person meetups with friends again (taking safety precautions) and then take a Love Fix question about how to know when it’s right for your new love interest to see where you live. Then, they welcome coach and Marriage and Family Therapist Bree Jenkins on, where she talks about the current landscape of digital dating. Bree shares the important things to make sure you have if you are back out there online looking for love, and how to see ghosting as a blessing. Bree also gives us an easy way to spot red flags in both our own behavior and within our dates, and it leads to a discussion about disclosing a previous affair in a new relationship.


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Whether you are out and about and back to normal activities or still chilling indoors, the pandemic has had a substantial impact on our stress levels. It’s important to take care of yourself now more than ever.
  • A Love Fix question on when to invite your date to finally see where you live?
  • Bree created her Diamond Dating League to help her students learn how to manifest a healthy committed relationship or marriage, and get what they really want out of life.
  • What red flags should we look for in our own behavior that may show us we aren’t ready to date quite yet?
  • Bree discusses the three “A”’s that we need to be aware of: addiction, abuse, and affairs.
  • Do you need to let the person you are now dating know if you had an affair in your previous relationship? If so, how do you know when the right time is to share it with them?
  • How to join Bree’s Diamond Dating Course, along with ways to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency and gaining confidence.
  • How can we learn to not overshare, especially on the first date?
  • Yes, you may get judged after telling the truth about your life and previous relationships, but you may also get judged favorably for being open and transparent.
  • So much of when you make disclosures is about your energy and your judgement about yourself.
  • How can I tell the difference between love bombing and when someone is just very interested?
  • Bree’s tips for success in the digital dating world. Yes, it means getting yourself a good profile!
  • If 40% of relationships were initiated online before the pandemic, there are sure to be even more now.
  • How can we recover after people ghost us, and is there a way to know if someone is about to ghost?



  • “People who don’t match don’t matter.” - Bree
  • “Rejection is protection.” - Sherry
  • “Love is inevitable. It will find me.” - Bree
  • “There is always more love.” - Bree
  • “Ghosting can also be a people-pleasing response.” - Carla
  • “If you don’t take accountability for what you did, then you are likely to do it again.” - Bree
  • “We also judge people favorably, and no one complains about that.” - Bree
  • “Never take ghosting personally, because it’s never about yourself.” - Carla


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