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The Love Fix

May 28, 2021

Sherry and Carla kick off this week with a declaration to stop playing games when it comes to matters of the heart! They take a Love Fix question on not tripping out about the future and then welcome Mike Goldstein to the show. Mike is a Dating and Relationship Expert, founder of EZ Dating, and helps men and women make dating and relationships easy. Mike has a batting average of getting 83% of his clients into relationships within 3-4 months, and shares some of his secret formulas with us this week. Mike also discusses using your heart during a date and your brain once you’re home, his four step approach to “NAAB” your man, how to focus more on the values of who you are dating then getting a perfect outcome.


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Sherry and Carla call for no more games when dating! The ball isn’t in anyone’s court, so stop exhausting yourself and start having more fun.
  • A Love Fix question on not “future tripping” and projecting too much about what is in store for your relationship and the timeline of taking things further.
  • How Mike’s own heartbreak in his 20’s led him to dive into what really makes a relationship work.
  • Using data from major data sites, Mike shares the winning ratio found that has women finding high quality matches in just a few weeks, that usually turn into a relationship by 3-4 months.
  • A few of the fun success stories Mike has had through his EZ Dating Coaching.
  • Mike teaches both on and offline dating techniques, and supports his clients with pretty much everything throughout the process (but not going on the actual date with the client, sorry ladies!).
  • Mike’s tips for women doing circular dating.
  • Mike, Sherry, and Carla’s favorite sites for dating depending on your age, and which is the most popular that Mike sees in his work.
  • Resources to sign up for Mike’s How To Get A Man In 90 Days Webinar, along with ways to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency and gaining confidence.
  • How does Mike feel about being a single love coach?
  • The four elements of “NAAB”ing your next man! Making them feel: needed, appreciated, accepted, and (sexy) boundaries.
  • While on a date you should be focused on having fun and treating it like a science experiment. It’s when you get home that you can analyze whether or not this person is right for you, or even just worthy of a second encounter.



  • “There’s no ball in anyone's court.” - Carla
  • “Even the best experts out there in the world make mistakes in their relationships.” - Carla


  • “Once you realize you can be on your own and you are okay, it is such freedom.” - Sherry


  • “We need to get strategic on our dates.” - Mike
  • “If you want to get into a long lasting relationship, you need to have a system and get strategic.” - Mike


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