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The Love Fix

May 20, 2022

Sherry and Carla start off with some favorite recipes, and Carla promises Sherry a homemade meal whenever she comes to visit. They then welcome Sarah Peyton, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication, Constellation facilitator and neuroscience educator, and author of Your Resonant Self Workbook. Sarah travels the world to help people learn how to use language and self-compassion to heal trauma, and how to use self-guided meditations and exercise to engage the brain’s capacity for healing. Sarah talks about how disconnection from our primary caregivers can set the stage for disorganized attachment, and how stress can change our attachment style. Towards the end of the episode, Sarah shares real-life examples of what gentle self-compassion can look and sound like. 


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Today’s episode is sponsored by Carla’s book Contagious Love: Break Free from Codependency for Damn Good and Sherry’s book Love Smacked: How To Stop the Cycle of Relationship Addiction and Codependency To Find Everlasting Love.


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  A Love Fix Question - how do I get my boyfriend to listen to me without saying that I’m overreacting? 
  • Research shows that more than 50% of people in the United States are securely attached - so where are they? 
  • We can move from secure to anxious or avoidant if stressed and stuck in a consistent trauma response. 
  • What are some of the greatest gifts that come when you are in a relationship where you can be vulnerable and open? What are some challenges that may pop up on the road to getting there? 
  • What makes us most resilient to stress is self warmth and self-accompaniment. 
  • What happens to our brain when we give ourselves compassion and when we get compassion from others? 
  • Gain access to Sarah’s workbook, Your Resonant Self, along with how to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency, dating, break-ups, healing from toxic relationships and gaining confidence.
  • Sarah shares an interesting fact about traumatic and disorganized attachment starting from how our primary caregivers reacted to our emotions. 
  • Yes, people who are securely attached can find themselves in disorganized traumatic and violent situations, even with the best of intentions.