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The Love Fix

Apr 15, 2022

Carla and Sherry kick off this week talking about birth control and then take a Love Fix Question on how to fall in love with reality instead of just the fantasy when you are struggling with co-dependnecy. They then welcome the mother and daughter duo Candace Burch and Jess Suchan to talk about hormone health, testing your hormones, and why it’s important to know and track your cycle. Candace and Jess also discuss how our relationships affect our hormones, and why there may even be a best time in the month to use (or not use!) dating apps. 


Candace is a Hormone Health Educator with a Masters in Health Education and over 25 years of experience in the field. In 2017 she founded Your Hormone Balance as a 1:1 consulting practice and is now joined by her two daughters Ryan and Jess. Together, they help women around the world achieve better health and understand their bodies better. 


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • A Love Fix Question about co-dependency and learning to fall in love with reality. 
  • How can hormone imbalance negatively affect a person's mood and relationship? 
  • How are hormones a fundamental cornerstone of love and sex? 
  • Why are younger women experiencing shifts and fluctuations that disrupt their ovulation cycles? 
  • Candace and Jess discuss the different cycles of our menstruation, and how we can set ourselves up for success by matching the energy levels and building in time to rest. 
  • Find out how to work with Candace and Jess to test and rebalance your hormones, along with how to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency, dating, break-ups, healing from toxic relationships, and gaining confidence.
  • How can our stress hormones such as cortisol affect how we relate to our partners? How can we support our adrenals?
  • Why eating nutrient-dense foods is so important for hormone health. 

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