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The Love Fix

Aug 27, 2021

Sherry and Carla kick off this week tooting their own horn and then take a Love Fix question on self-care and why it can be extra hard during a relationship. They then welcome Dr. Betsy Chung, clinical psychologist in Southern California with over 10 years experience as a clinician in the mental health field. They discuss self-esteem: what it looks like in relationships, what a lack of it can do for our life, and how to get more of it. Dr. Betsy also talks about how to begin gaining your own self esteem and self worth even after a difficult and not so supportive upbringing.


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • A Love Fix question about practicing self care throughout the ups and downs of a relationship, and why codependents tend to struggle with self care.
  • Going through something? Don’t see it as a setback — try to see it as an experience that is shaping the next version of you and giving you resilience and confidence.
  • Dr. Betsy shares her definition of self-esteem and personal story of becoming independent and free of self doubt.
  • When you have a healthy self esteem, you can be your true self and not have to hide behind a facade.
  • The difference between self esteem and self worth.
  • Resources to connect with Dr. Betsy, along with ways to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency, dating, healing from toxic relationships and gaining confidence.
  • How does someone find themselves when they have very critical parents?
  • What does a lack of self esteem typically look like?
  • Most clients come in acknowledging that they have self esteem issues, but it takes a while for the buy in to happen.
  • When Dr. Betsy’s clients are able to see what a respectful and healthy relationship looks like, they can see that they deserve good treatment and it starts changing the barometer of what they expect from relationships.



  • “When we are kids we assume that it’s our parents' way or the highway but no, we just didn’t know any better.” - Dr. Betsy
  • “Every experience is a layer to the next version of yourself.” - Sherry
  • “It’s so empowering to tell your story and to release that.” - Carla
  • “Having self esteem is really the glue to your guiding self in a healthy relationship.”  - Carla
  • “Nothing in our head is absolute truths, it is just things we got used to saying.” - Dr. Betsy


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