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The Love Fix

Aug 13, 2021

Sherry and Carla start this week with the age old question - bikini or one piece? Then, they take a Love Fix question on if emotionally available men really exist before welcoming Confidence Therapist, Dating Strategist, and Kimmy Seltzer to the show. Kimmy is also the host of The Charisma Quotient podcast, and her signature formula for helping her clients feel confident leads to them radiating energy and self love from the outside in. Kimmy shares her own story from going frumpy to fabulous in her own life, and the red dress that changed it all. She gives her advice for building confidence and what men really notice about a woman on a date. She gives her advice for creating a foolproof “dating prep plan”, stepping into feminine energy, and showing the world that your cab light is turned on and you are ready for love! 


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Bikini, Tankini, or One-Piece? Sherry and Carla both share how they are showing up this summer at the beach. 
  • A Love Fix Question - are emotionally available men out there? How does one find one? 
  • Kimmy defines confidence as having experience, so of course we aren’t confident in dating if we don’t do it often enough. 
  • What exactly is a Confidence Makeover, and how can the way we dress and show up in the world affect our inner confidence? 
  • Kimmy works from the outside in, helping her clients discover styles that flatter their figure and make them feel the best versions of themselves.
  • How can you raise your style intelligence? 
  • When we are in our feminine energy, we are able to receive the gifts of the universe, and the Law of Attraction is kicked into motion. 
  • Both men and women have a responsibility to be approachable. When you are playful and open, people are more naturally drawn your way. 
  • Looking for that push to get to the next level of self love? Kimmy shares resources to work with her, along with ways to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency, dating, healing from toxic relationships and gaining confidence.
  • Need to learn how to flirt? Kimmy can help you with her Flirt Academy.  Even if you aren’t interested in dating, showing up in the world with confidence and curiosity is great for friendships and business. 
  • Create a date prep plan for yourself, where you focus on getting into your best energy through all the senses. 



  •  “What you repress will be expressed.” - Sherry 
  • “Sometimes when you shift your clothes and body language, it’s what actually helps the inside grow.” - Kimmy 
  • “Instead of working from the inside out, I work from the outside in.” - Kimmy 
  • “Create a dating prep plan.” - Kimmy 


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