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The Love Fix

Sep 9, 2022

It’s all about divorce and moving on from toxicity this week. First, Carla and Sherry take a Love Fix question from someone who is hesitant to date a divorcee. They then welcome Dawn Burnett, CSA who is the founder of the #SHEROproject and a divorce and lifestyle consultant. Dawn has helped countless people around the world free themselves from relationships, habits, and situations that are no longer serving their highest selves. She discusses her own journey of abuse and how she broke certain patterns and freed herself from toxicity, why what we eat and how we treat ourselves really matters, and why it’s important to have the right support and to take baby steps when leaving an abusive relationship. 


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Dawn endured a very abusive and toxic broken home and a 15 year abusive marriage. She now is a thriver and is happy to be free for the last 13 years. 
  • Abuse is a very overwhelming situation, and it’s all about dealing with internal trauma through baby steps, positive affirmations, positive podcasts, etc. 
  • Dawn discusses the tools she uses to help people move from a toxic force to being okay. 
  • The importance of finding a community. 
  • How we can begin to clear out toxicity through focusing on what we eat, drink, how we move and what we put on our bodies. 
  • Check out Dawn’s #SHEROproject, along with how to work with Sherry and Carla on overcoming codependency, dating, break-ups, healing from toxic relationships, and gaining confidence.
  • What it means to Dawn for someone to go from victim to thriver. 
  • Can someone really be okay after divorce, or do they always have baggage with them in the next relationship? 
  • You can't think your way to positive action. You have to do positive action, and then it changes your thinking. 


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