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The Love Fix

Feb 12, 2021

We kick off this week with a Love Fix question regarding how to know if you are a love addict, codependent, or both. Then, we welcome Briana MacWilliam, a licensed and board-certified creative arts therapist, coach, and author. We talk with Briana about what anxious attachment and avoidant attachment looks like in relationships, and how we can learn to embrace our own attachment style best instead of trying to run away from it. Briana shares the interesting nature of her work, truly using tools such as cognitive reframing, body work, and creativity to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Briana also shares how to enroll in her online courses for the chance to dive into even deeper work.


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:


  • Love addicts can be both anxious and avoidant, but typically the anxious ones are the type to seek help first.
  • Briana shares how she overcame her own struggle with different attachment styles to now feel self-confident and able to make a difference for others.
  • Anxious attachment can come out in ways where people both reach out to and reject love.
  • How intergenerational patterns and our epigenetics can play a role in our anxiety and trauma.
  • Anxious attachment can be codependent, but so can avoidant.
  • Healing is a process and it’s more like a steady climb rather than a one day walk up a mountain.
  • Briana uses a holistic approach for mind, body, and spirit activation. She uses creativity to bridge the mind and the body and to release negative energy.
  • If it’s possible to change your attachment style, or if you should try to just work through it.
  • What self-sovereignty is, and why Briana feels it is of our utmost importance to have it.
  • Briana shares a success story where a client learned how to reframe her own self-image into that of a beautiful goddess, and ultimately learned how to receive the true love she desired.
  • Some misconceptions behind different ages and love/desire.




  • “We have to do the work from the inside out. It’s not an outside job.” — Sherry
  • “Be soft, compassionate and generous to yourself. Everything you need is already within you.” — Briana
  • “It’s not about bettering yourself it’s about relaxing and unfolding into yourself.” — Briana


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